Cake 24—Luvy Duvy’s Café in Benton Park (226 cakes left)


Benton Park is a South St. Louis neighborhood directly west of Soulard. Luvy Duvy’s Café is a café located at the intersection of Arsenal and South Jefferson in Benton Park (the neighborhood) across from Benton Park (the park). Luvy Duvy’s offers a breakfast and lunch menu depending on the time of day, and it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews online.

Benton Park’s website offers a lengthy and interesting of the neighborhood’s beginning, but I’ll just focus on the main points. Benton Park (the park) was first known as City Park, and it was created by an ordinance in 1866. The park was later renamed to honor Thomas Hart Benton, a former Missouri senator. As land surrounding the park began to be sold, people started to build houses and the neighborhood’s character began to develop. Benton Park became a popular destination for German immigrants because it was a brewing hub due to now-sealed underground caves. Prohibition hit Benton Park fairly hard; however, the neighborhood was incredibly resilient. Today, Benton Park is a vibrant neighborhood with local businesses and restaurants like Luvy Duvy’s. Additionally, Cherokee Antique Row is located in Benton Park.

Phil Jarvis designed the cake in front of Luvy Duvy’s. (More on him here: ) The cake features picturesque buildings and scenes from a park. It is evident that people from Benton Park are incredibly proud of their neighborhood, and it’s a great place for a local day trip!

For more on Luvy Duvy’s Café:

For more on Benton Park:


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