Cake 151—St. Louis County Courthouse (99 cakes left)


St. Louis County is a strange entity. The divisiveness between the city and county is well known, but hopefully one day we’ll get everything straightened out. Anyway, the St. Louis County Courthouse is located in Clayton, Missouri. The day we visited, it was bustling. A lot of people were going into the courthouse to take care of their important business. It’s a very imposing building, and somehow an aura of responsibility surrounds it.

Rich Brooks painted the cake at the Courthouse. It features a mixture of the St. Louis and Missouri flags, and Lewis and Clark are keeping a lookout on the base of the cake. The back of the cake is painted so that it appears an American flag is hanging over it.

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Cake 150—Brown Shoe Company (100 cakes left)


Brown Shoe Company is based in Clayton, Missouri. They’re all about shoes all of the time. According to their website, they are a global company worth an approximate $2.6 billion. They promote three different types of shoes: family, healthy living, and contemporary fashion.

Jennifer Hayes painted the cake at Brown Shoe Company. (More of her artwork here: ) The cake is located by the shoe statue, and the statue is painted on the back of the cake. The cake features bold colors that are very attention grabbing. Shoes are outlined on the top tier of the cake, as are Brown Shoe Company brands like Famous Footwear. A rendition of the entrance to the building is also painted on the back of the cake.

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Cake 149—Sweetology (101 cakes left)


Sweetology is located on Clayton Road. Its primary draw is its “Makery,” where one may decorate cupcakes, cakes, or cookies. Sweetology offers classes, and it’s a nice venue for hosting a party. Of course, one may also buy sweets directly from Sweetology, and at-home decorating kits are also offered for sale.

Angela Perry painted the cake at Sweetology. It features a whimsical, sweet theme. It is done in a pastel theme, and the “250” is painted like peppermint. Its design is actually reminiscent of the Candy Land board game. “Sweetology” literally means “study of sweets,” so stop by Sweetology sometime for a lesson!

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Cake 148—Green Center (102 cakes left)


The Green Center is located in University City, Missouri. According to its website, its location was formerly an orchard owned by Aubrey Green in the 1930s, and he and his family lived in the house that is now the Green Center’s headquarters. University City purchased seven acres of the land in the 1970s, and most of it was used to develop Kaufman Park. Mr. Green lived in the house until his death in 1995. In 1997, a proposal was put forth to use the remaining land as a natural laboratory and a cultural and environmental meeting place. Today the Green Center focuses on arts and environmental education and awareness.

Megan Rieke painted the cake at the Green Center. Fittingly enough, it has a green theme. The cake’s predominant color is green, and wind turbines are painted on it. Its design is simple yet powerful. Also, I’d like to point out that my shirt matches the yellow “250” very well. The Green Center helps promote “green” living in St. Louis, and the Green family deserves thanks for getting the organization off to a great start.

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Cake 147—Regional Arts Commission (103 cakes left)


Since its founding in 1985, the Regional Arts Commission on the Delmar Loop has sought to promote the arts in the St. Louis area. According to RAC’s website, the organization has provided over $80 million in grants to bolster the arts. The grants have been given to both individual artists and cultural organizations, and RAC’s building functions as a private art gallery and a place to meet and perform.

Alison Rieke and Jess Goldthorpe painted the cake at RAC. The cake describes what “art is” through words and phrases such as “ephemeral” and “what makes us human.” The words and phrases are written in all different fonts, and each new definition is an exciting discovery. The base of the cake proclaims that art is everywhere, and this statement is true because of the work of the RAC.

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Cake 146—Moonrise Hotel (104 cakes left)


The Moonrise Hotel plays an integral part in the Loop’s revitalization. According to its website, it was opened by Joe Edwards in 2009. It is a very contemporary, eco-friendly hotel, and it is also pet-friendly! The Eclipse Restaurant is located inside of the 8-story hotel. The Moonrise is located by Blueberry Hill, the Pageant, and other popular destinations in the Loop.

Dan Jaboor painted the cake at the Moonrise Hotel. It features an aerospace theme. A spaceship and a satellite are both painted on the cake, and its monochrome coloring is very appropriate for space exploration. After checking out the stars along the Walk of Fame, you can rest at the Moonrise Hotel!

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Cake 145—St. Louis Walk of Fame (105 cakes left)


The St. Louis Walk of Fame can be found along Delmar in the Loop. It’s similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it focuses on local history. Inductees include people like Nelly, Ozzie Smith, Tennessee Williams, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Maya Angelou, and 135 more stars. The Walk of Fame was started in 1988, and each bronze star offers a miniature biography of the person or group it honors. A lot of interesting facts can be learned along the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

Gina Harmon painted the star-studded cake along the Walk of Fame. It’s covered in stars, many of which are snapshots of the people the Walk of Fame honors. The biggest star on the cake honors all of the “St. Louis Walk of Fame Stars.” Smaller stars are interspersed in between the larger stars, which makes this cake dazzling!

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